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Two Meetings.

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In the past week, I've had two meetings with people working towards adoptions--specifically adoptions from Ethiopia. One woman lives in Chicago, her aunt knows my parents, we talked on the phone. The other is a friend of a friend who lives in my town and we got to meet face to face for coffee.

I just have to say that the ways in which adoptions bring people together are pretty much incredible to me. I feel like (*my* feelings--not to be generalized to anyone else) adoption spreads a web of connectedness between people who otherwise wouldn't be connected--a net that doesn't quite reach as far for people who form families through biological births. To me, this is because people who adopt, are adopted, or make adoption plans are the minority. One way for us to feel supported and empowered is to band together--to network, to connect. Maybe it is similar to people who deal with fertility challenges.

Regardless, other than immense significance that is my Kid, this adoption network--these connections--have been the most significant part of my adoption experience. Reconnecting with old acquaintences, meeting new people who are friends of friends because they are pursuing adoptions, blogging/reading blogs, and immediately being valued and accepted, being part of the group makes me feel...special.

I hope that other adoptive parents, adoptees and people making adoption plans make use of these networks and feel as included as I have.